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Connecticut Closing Practice
A Guide to Residential Real Estate Closings (with forms)

by William S. Nathanson and John L. Cipriano, Jr.

Only $125.00

Every Connecticut lawyer who closes residential real estate transactions will encounter questions, problems or unfamiliar practices or customs before, at, or after the closing. This handbook, whose authors each have over 25 years experience in the field, provides the practitioner with a practical guide to the most common issues and problems arising prior to, at the closing, and after the closing and various ways, and forms to handle these issuesin an orderly and propee manner. The book can be taken to closings, and the forms easily accessed and used right there.

The book covers;

Prior to Closing

At Closing

After Closing

- Contract preparation (contract forms, including Hubbard Clauses)
- Crossing counties to close
- Mailing payoffs to lender
- Quitclaim Closings
- Title issues (no releases at closing, bad deeds, name problems)
- Paying the tax collector
- Mortgage contingency extension letters
- Possession issues
- Recording the deeds (necessity for bring down, timing after the closing)
- Back to back closings (sale-buy)
- Damage to home discovered at preclosing inspection
- Following up on releases whether acting as seller' or buyer's lawyer
- Closing by mail
- Incomplete contract work
- Using trustee checks to pay off mortgages
- Estimating funds due at closing
- Mortgage payoff and 1099 notification and exemptions
- Recording after delivery of proceeds check to seller's attorney
- Scheduling closings with seller's attorney and lender attorney
- Sales by foreigners
- Packaging the loan documents
- Unreleased but paid (or presumably paid) mortgages
- Out of state acknowledgements
- Common post closing problems
- Buyer possession or work at premises prior to closing
- Interest rates for security deposits and mortgage escrows
- Ordering payoffs
- Wire transfer and available funds at closing issues
- Closing customs in various counties or communities
- Adjustments at closing (oil, etc.)
- Adjustments (taxes, etc.)
- Closing checklist
- Inspection extension letters
- Purchases of new construction (description, waivers, certificates of occupancy)
- Title Searching -- review with client
- Punch list agreement for incomplete items
- Resale certificates
- Property located in more than one municipality