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Connecticut Law of Torts (3rd Edition)
by Wright, FitzGerald and Ankerman

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This landmark in the field of Connecticut tort law totals 677 pages. It covers;

- Intentional Torts
- Recklessness
- Plantiff Participation in the risk
- Defamation
- Occupiers of Land
- Apportionment of Damages
- Nuisance
- Limitations of Actions
- Vicarious Liability
- Procedural and Collateral Matters (including CUTPA)
- Vexatious Litigation
- Landlord and Tenant
- Damages (including Tort Reform I and II)
- Fraud and Misrepresentation
- Negligence
- Children and Unborns
- Governmental Liability
- Comprehensive Index and Table of Statutes and Cases
- Highways and Automobiles (including No-Fault)
- Professional and Occupational Liability (including Product Liability)
- Strict Liability