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Product Liability In A Single Source


By James H. Rotondo, Esq. And Paul D. Williams, Esq.
Day Pitney LLP

All for Just $150.00

This is the first and only book to review comprehensively the provisions of the Connecticut Product Liability Act and the State and Federal court decisions relating to the Act. It is a valuable tool for the practitioners involved in product liability cases, regardless of their level of experience. The book provides guidance with respect to the areas of Connecticut product liability law where rules have been established either by statute or case law, and insights with respect to those areas that are as yet undeveloped.

"It would be my recommendation that this work be a part of the library of any lawyer who handles a product liability claim."

-William R. Davis of Riscassi & Davis

The Book Covers:


Theories and Elements of Liability

- Third-Party and Cross Claims
- Affirmative Defenses
- Damages
- Definition of Product Sellers
- Expert Witness
- Scope of the Act
- Table of Cases
- Commercial Loss
- Statutory Appendix