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Alternate Dispute Resolution In Connecticut's Courts

By the Honorable Beverly J. Hodgson and Louis. I. Parley, Esq.

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- More and more disputes are being decided in arbitrations and other alternatives to trial. How can arbitration obligations be enforced? How are the hearings conducted? What are the prospects for setting awards aside? This volume, updated to August l7, 2011, answers such questions in detail, with practice pointers and the latest case law. It's a how-to for those just starting out in ADR and a detailed reference on the fine points as well.

In addition to Jury Case Arbitration, this book covers:

- Contractual Arbitration
- Diversion to Private ADR efforts
- Drafting Arbitration Agreements
- Court Review
- Attorney Trial Referee Program
- Appellate Review
- Fact-Finding Program
- And More

Also Practice Notes, a Comprehensive Index and Table of Authorities